The story of the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, celebrating 10 years of rebirth in 2023

I am writing to you from my village, where I have learned to forget about the seasons because the weather is so often fine. I am writing to you from my beloved Saint-Tropez.

I have been at its side since its real debuts. I was born in exactly 1931. A charming little family hotel in Saint-Tropez, a stone’s throw from the port and fishermen. At the time, the first tourists were discovering this pretty little piece of confetti on the Mediterranean coast. English, Americans and Parisians. Their days were gay, their nights tender. Their names were Colette, Cocteau, Louise de Vilmorin… They had chic, talent and wit. I think I owe mine to them. I also owe them my name.

I don’t have just a few memories, I have them all. I remember everything, the rest and more. Listen carefully. Look carefully. My walls tell the story. In the Fifties came Boris Vian with his camera, soon followed by Vadim and Bardot. And on that day, so it’s said, God Created Woman. Later came stars and starlets, yachts, princesses, the first bikinis, jazz, pop, a frappé on a certain café terrace, a sugary tart, the jet set, sleepless nights, the party scene and even that old gendarmerie, which remains my famous neighbour.

I saw it all. Ever since the village became a trend, a world apart. A hotel with a big H, devoted to the magnificent art of entertaining. Should I speak of my guests or rather my friends? At the table, at the bar, tucked up in my beds, anytime, anyplace, I offer them a moment out of time, pander to their needs, cherish their privacy and make sure they feel truly special.

The years 2000… Even stronger and more handsome. A man and wife team reenchanted me in a fitting tribute to my love story. My transformation is the Dray family’s passion. Its ambition: my rebirth at a time when Saint-Tropez was stepping into a new age. Today I am architectural landmark and purveyor of modest and singular luxury in the finest details, in the manners of my staff and materials that adorn me, devoted to offering the most wonderful welcome. Ten years ago, I was treated to a facelift. It was a special anniversary for me, ushering in the new century in my very own audacious and elegant way. Since then, my suites, my rooms, the tree-filled expanses of my patio, the taste of the French Riviera that graces my plates, the piano notes in my bar and cocoon of my spa all delight in telling my compelling tale. In town yet out of town… I am a jewel and refuge alike. Through my painting and sculpture collections, the waltz of jellyfish projected onto my walls, the thrilling moments captured by famous photographers, the glamour of my decors, I share the beauty that drives me. Art, femininity, the Mediterranean, Paris, the sweet Sixties. I am this living memory, this jolly nostalgia, this blend of allure and contemporary touches. All the way to my rooftop and teetering pool, where the gaze embraces the village roofs, Place des Lices and watery horizon. People say this rooftop is the last stop before the blue sky. People say I am pure emotion.

I am thrilled to welcome you for a new season celebrating the 10th anniversary of my new face. My name is the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez and I will see you soon!