Les Toits Restaurant, on the unique village rooftop

The village’s only rooftop venue, where talented Chef Michele Fortunato invites guests to relish sun-kissed signature cuisine paying homage to his Italian roots.

Michele Fortunato

Meet our

new Chef

Originating from Apulia, Italy, Michele Fortunato has a passion for fine French cuisine. At the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, he loves gazing out over the Big Blue from his vantage point on the rooftop terrace of Les Toits restaurant, or strolling around the old lanes of Saint-Tropez and striking up a conversation on a café terrace. Village life is the inspiration for his sun-kissed cuisine.

Between sea and sky

Mesmerizing Mediterranean vistas meet the gaze from the spacious dining room and terrace suspended between sea and sky. At sunset, a fiery mosaic of colours lights up the horizon while the soothing ballet of our waiters sets the summer mood.

Savour delicious Mediterranean cuisine

At the helm of Les Toits restaurant, Chef Michele Fortunato exalts produce sourced locally and from nearby Italy to curate precise, creative and perfectly-balanced dishes.

"A sublime rooftop venue, said to be the last stop before the azure heavens."



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