The Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez launches its literary prize: the "Best Title Prize"

Nurturing close ties with culture and the arts since its opening in 1931, the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez has been the venue for the “Conversations with Agnès” literary meeting since 2016. Its creator, Agnès Bouquet, is also the talent behind this year’s first edition of the “Prix du Titre” (Best Title Prize), celebrating the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez’s very special relationship with artists and, especially, contemporary authors.

What is the Best Title Prize?

The “Best Title Prize” aims to reward the best book title, but also its content! A title sparks emotion and the desire to read a work. Its job is to draw the reader in, using just a few words or even a single word. But what makes a good title? How is it born? Why does it attract us and prompt us to pick a particular book off the shelf? Why do some titles mark us forever?

A title is a mysterious call, a promise and a seduction. Open to all, the “Best Title Prize” seeks to gauge whether or not the promise is kept and if the seduction goes beyond those few words on the cover. It rewards the harmony of the work and consistency between the book’s title and its content. In this aim, on the initiative of the owner of our five-star establishment in Saint-Tropez, the jury will be getting together on October 22, to award the “Best Title Prize” to the best title and overall work.

A hands-on selection

It would be impossible to judge the quality of a title simply by consulting a list. A title should trigger a reaction, an emotion, so the best way of experiencing it is by wandering round a bookstore and letting curiosity take the lead. That is how our jury of literature lovers decided to make their selection, ongoing since January and winding up in September. The jury deliberations are set to take place in Paris and at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez.

A remarkable and diverse jury

An author and journalist, at the origin of “Conversations with Agnès” literary meetings (dialogues between authors and publishers), Agnès Bouquet is the creator and president of the jury of the unique “Best Title Prize”, hosted by the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez. A joyous band of book worms, literature fans, authors, bookstores and journalists, united by their love of reading, have come together to bring this exciting new literary initiative to life. Our jury of literary experts includes Eric Garandeau, author and director of public affairs at TikTok France, Charlotte Hellman-Signac, author and director of the Paul Signac Archives, Alix Girod de l’Ain, author and journalist at ELLE magazine, Denis Zott, author and Saint-Tropez head of culture and the Blaise Renaud bookstore in Cogolin.

The prize: The Saint-Tropez experience

Hosted by Simone Dray, owner of the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, the “Best Title Prize” awards are taking place on October 22nd, 2022 at 7.30 pm. The winner of this year’s first edition will also enjoy a weekend at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez, dinner at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez’s rooftop restaurant Les Toits, a day chilling at La Serena beach, a pair of Saint-Tropez’s famous Rondini sandals and an outfit courtesy of MicMac Saint-Tropez.

A wonderful opportunity to delve into the Saint-Tropez’s inimitable lifestyle and discover the village’s most beautiful sights.

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