The Hôtel de Paris: a must-do designer hotel in Saint-Tropez

The Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez’s unique style has fascinated, captivated and seduced since the Thirties. Today, it is one of Saint-Tropez’s most coveted designer addresses.

In the early 20th century, guests staying at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez regularly crossed paths with Matisse, Colette, Jean Cocteau, Coco Chanel and Brigitte Bardot. Almost 100 years later, their cultural and artistic legacy lives on. A complete refurbishment was undertaken in 2013 under the impetus of the hotel’s new family of owners. To honour the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez’s well-anchored identity, the work was entrusted to architect François Vieillecroze and interior designer Sybille de Margerie: reputed professionals deeply attached to the history of Saint-Tropez, committed to preserving the hotel’s iconic personality while instilling it with high design and modernity. Regular art shows exalt the charm of this exceptional venue.

Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez is showing several exceptional artists this season

Art consistently forms the centrepiece of our five-star hotel. Every season, the works of contemporary artists hand-picked by the hotel’s owners adorn the entrance, rooftop venue, lobby and patio. Saint-Tropez’s most Parisian hotel is showcasing major works this season in partnership with the world-renowned Bel Air Fine Art gallery and Linda & Guy Pieters Foundation. Guests will be able to admire sculptures by Carole A. Feuerman, Jeff Koons and Folon throughout summer. A real must.

Carole A. Feuerman, the Queen of hyperrealism

Poised majestically in front of the five-star establishment, “The Diver” – one of the foremost sculptures of this American artist invited to the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez for the second time – captivates guests and passers-by alike. An additional sculpture by Carole A. Feuerman, entitled Brook With Beach Ball, is also gracing the hotel’s rooftop venue, next to the pool. Carole’s monumental and grippingly-realistic sculptures never fail to astonish, while resonating beautifully with the style of our designer hotel nestling in the heart of Saint-Tropez.

Jeff Koons makes waves in the lobby

One of today’s foremost contemporary artists, Jeff Koons mixes pop and conceptual art subjects and methods with popular culture. His signature sculptures such as Balloon Swan and Balloon Monkey are famed worldwide. Sparking awe in the unexpected location of the hotel’s high-design lobby, the works of Jeff Koons both engage and inspire.

Jean-Michel Folon on the patio

The multidisciplinary Belgian artist was celebrated throughout the village of Saint-Tropez in 2020 and in particular at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez. One of our favourites, the poetry-filled work of this prominent artist is enjoying pride of place on the hotel patio this summer. Guests can admire the seductive Femme Oiseau in the hotel’s courtyard, nestling in the shade of lemon and fig trees…

Exhibition of sculptures by Carole A. Feuerman, Jeff Koons and Jean-Michel Folon at the Hôtel de Paris Saint-Tropez until October 31st, 2022.